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Why 2011 was great and what I’m looking forward to in 2012

As the year was coming to an end I was seeing a lot of “I’m so ready for this year to be over”,” 2011 was some s*&^” tweets. The thing that bugged me the most was that I see these tweets each year. As a reflected on the year (and tweeted a rebuttal) I thought of all the reasons why 2011 was great for me.

but first why I’m excited for 2012:

  • Complete my infinite to-do list
  •  I’ll make tons of money working at school
  • I’ll get an awesome paying internship
  • Turn 19 (not such an awesome age unless I go to Canada…)
  • Begin Vloging 🙂 and blog more often
  • May 20th: Observe the beautiful solar eclipse and make dean’s list again and get a zillion dollar scholarship
  • July 4th: I will eat too many veggie burgers and take awesome photographs of fireworks
  • July 27th: The summer Olympics start. I’ll try to follow the women’s rowing. Yes, women’s rowing
  • I’ll go back to school after having a super summer and do more awesome things.(including of course making dean’s list) College Bucket List Post coming soon
  • December 21st: the world will NOT end -__-
  • I’ll post another Christmas wish list and get only two items from the list (the rest being ugly Christmas sweaters)
  • I make another 2013 infinite to-do list, having completed the 2012 list of course
  • You guys (my readers) will become more awesome because you’ve stuck around so long.

Why 2011 was awesome:

1. I turned 18

2. Got accepted into college(s)

3. Got my car 🙂

4. Graduated high school

5. Had a paying Job

6. Rekindled my relationship with God

7. Went to Italy and London

8. Started College ^_^ and made dean’s list

9. Improved my blog

Ok, I admit I can’t take all credit for this much awesomeness, lol I was inspired by Badley.

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