Twenty Twelve Resolutions… who are we kidding?

Are you one of those people who say ‘new year, new me’ each year? Make a lovely resolutions list just to break them before the month is over? I’m not. I entered the new year with ‘new year, same me’ attitude. Then I realized that was stupid. Why would I want to be the same person? I want to grow and increase in every area of life! So in the spirit of new years, and not making resolutions, I have decided to make a new ‘Infinite to do list’. Leggooo!

1. Bible in a Year. I know plenty of people who have made this a resolution and haven’t gotten past Genesis. I’ve never really attempted to do it. But I found this NIV One Year Bible in my parent’s room last year and made up my mind I was gonna do it. The way its set up is that instead of reading Genesis – Revelations straight, it’s a bit of Old Testament then a bit of New Testament then a part of Psalms and Proverbs each day. This will make it easier I think to read because I won’t just be reading story after story. If you can get your hands on one of these I urge you to join me! ( you can do so also online; or purchase a different version) If you’ve made this a resolution before, how did it go?

2. Invoke readers to post comments. Reach a broader audience. I really don’t know what it’ll take but I’ willing to see. As I’ll maturing the things I care to post about are changing so perhaps my audience will change as well. I will read and comment more on other WordPress blogs and see what other bloggers are doing. To get a more interactive site.

3. Healthy Hair
. I know this was on the last list but things are different now. I know what it takes to achieve healthy natural hair, my goal is to stick a regimen that will allow me to get to that level. I full hair update coming soon.

That’s all folks! Those are the three things I care enough about this year. I found this post on Freshly Pressed that is rather helpful. If you’ve got resolutions, this might help you stick to them: 5 keys to Making and keeping your Resolutions.

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