True or False? Common Hair Myths

Came across this article on Natural Chica and thought I would share it. I wonder if I have any trichologist in my area. I would love to see one. Which of these hair myths did you USED to believe?

COMMON HAIR MYTHS by Trichologist, Dr. Kari Williams

We have to grease our scalps: false. We put too much emphasis on the scalp. Greasing the scalp is not necessary because of our sebaceous glands that produce sebum. Sebum is a slightly acidic oil that lubricates our strands closest to the scalp and guards against lost moisture. The ends of the hair still lack lubrication and this makes them susceptible to breakage. We need oil to lubricate our hair but we don’t need to oil or grease our scalps. We need to moisturize our hair daily. A good moisturizer should contain water, oils for lubrication and to seal in moisture, a stimulant (to encourage cell replication) and humectants (an ingredient that pulls moisture from the air) is optional. Heavy greases, pomades or products that contain petroleum and mineral oil just coat the hair but do not moisturize it. In addition, if you have any type of flaking you do not want to use grease on the scalp thinking it will alleviate the problem. Grease will only plaster flakes to the scalp and cause the problem to get worse.

Trimming makes your hair grow: false. Trimming makes the hair neater and even; it is a maintenance step. It can also be used to cut away damaged parts of the hair strand to reduce or stop breakage but it does not affect hair growth

Scarves, wool caps and cotton pillowcases will break your hair: false.
Hair breaks because it is excessively dry or abused. These items will absorb some of the moisture from your hair and lead to dryness over time, especially if moisture is not replaced on a daily basis. If your hair is already dry and damaged, then these accessories contribute to the breakage when hair strands get caught in the fibers.

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