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#TheWarriorSeries Volume 1

June 19th is World Sickle Cell Awareness Day. In honor of it, I launched a project that was has been on my heart for some time – #TheWarriorSeries. The Warrior Series is a photo series that redefines what it means to live with sickle cell. I was also honored to have it featured on xoNECOLE: More Than A Statistic: 3 Strong Women Speak Out About Their Triumph Over Sickle Cell Anemia

After a recent stint in the hospital, I began researching documentaries and photo series about sickle cell. Disappointed by what I found –  sad stories, stories that narrow in on the pain and, stories that tell how there is no cure, I decided it was time for a different narrative. One of strength, hope and joy.

People living with sickle cell are often call one another warriors. So I contacted my closest warrior friends and began discussing what it means to be a Sickle Cell Warrior.
Check out the rest and the images here, on my brand new portfolio website!
Also if you live in the Baltimore/DC/NoVa area and have any form of sickle cell, and would like to share your story to be part of the Warrior Series, please shoot me an email.

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