The Warrior Series Video

The Warrior Series Video

Perfection is the enemy of progress

I’ve had this idea in mind for months but was disappointed by the quality of video I shot. Unable to re-shoot, I was determined to compensate with editing, when I got sick of Premiere Pro, I just decided to post! I’m just glad to get the idea out of my head. One of my goals this year was to do more video work and get better at editing. Seeing this project through really forced to to learn how to do just that! Practice makes progress and no progress is a waste.

I was inspired to create this from the Vogue Met Gala Coverage. Specifically, Rihanna. I know this comes no where close to being as good as Vogue’s but but it was a practice project for me and also Vogue had like 17 people on staff to create theirs lol.

All that said, hope you enjoy it! If you have not already, be sure to check out the warrior series here,


Practice Makes Progress – Megan Smith, Former CTO of US

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