The Key to Moisturized Natural Hair

In the three years I’ve taken my natural hair journey seriously, I don’t think I’ve ever had a conversation where dry hair has not come up. Many naturals cannot figure out why their hair is so dry all the time. When I began my quest for moisturized hair, I stumbled upon this video from Youtuber, Naptural85.

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Our hair is naturally curly, coarse and dry, it’s just how it grows out of our heads. With straight hair, it’s easy for the natural oils to travel down the hair shaft, keeping it moisturized. But with curly, coily hair, it’s a lot harder for the oils to navigate, which causes the hair to remain dry, especially towards the ends. – Whitney

So I began spritzing my hair with water and sealing with oil day and night, or at least when I remembered. I quickly noticed that the moisture would evaporate just a few hours after doing this. The quest continued and I found that since my hair is thick and curlier,I need a thicker sealant. I added Shea Moisture’s Curl Enhancing Smoothie then adding oil. The moisture stayed a lot longer! However, recently I switched to spritzing with water and then adding a whipped Shea butter mix for daily use . I like this best because it doesn’t just sit on top of my hair like the oil does. The Shea Butter mix that includes five oils and glycerin, actually feels like it’s penetrating the hair shaft for true, longer moisture.

Since our hair is naturally dry, you’ll need to repeat these processes daily and weekly in order for your hair to remain moisturized. Similar to drinking water to keep hydrated, and plants that need to be watered every single day, our hair needs the same treatment or it will return to it’s natural dry state. -Whitney

spraybottlexwhippedSheaSo in a nutshell:

1. Curly/ Kinky hair is naturally dry.

2. Moisture needs to happen daily.

3. Water is the only true moisturizer

4. Seal the moisture in with either oil, cream or butter depending on your hair texture.

Hope this was helpful. What is your moisture regimen?


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