The Cops Caught Me

I’ve only been in a cop car once. When I was eight years old – yesss I’ve been a rebel from childhood.

Ha! Not really but it’s kind of a funny story…

It was Saturday morning and like usual, my mom and I were gearing up to go to church for evangelism. I used to live in a townhouse and the school we used to use for service was less than a ten-minute drive. I didn’t get dressed on time and my mom left me. So I began walking. I walked a mile until I got to Contee Road, a busy four-way traffic light. After about 10 minutes of standing there not being able to go, these police officers ask me what I’m doing on the corner. I told them the story and they took me to church. I don’t remember exactly what happened after that I just know my mom was upset (and embarrassed) I didn’t get in trouble. The police officers gave me my first stuffed animal I still have him!

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