Summa 2011: Photography

As part of my Infinite to do list, I want to improve my photography. I decided to take my camera everywhere I go this summer. I actually have two cameras. A Casio Exilm and Sonny α550. I don’t like taking the α550 everywhere cause it’s so big but I want to take good quality pictures. Anyways the steps I’m taking to improve my art are:

Practice. I know this sounds corny but practice makes perfect. I need to get used to taking pictures and just play with my camera because honestly I don’t know all the functions on my α550. I just need to get familiar with my camera ( I just figured out my lens size)

just testing the UV filter

Gadgets. I orders some filters. These I hope will help bring life to  my pictures. I got a cleaning set so I can clean my lens and a lens cap leash cause I don’t want to lose my lens cap. Since I’m using a digital camera  I don’t need very many filters because a lot of filters are replaced by simply changing setting on the camera. I got a Vivitar 3 Pc Filter Kit 55MM from Amazon: UV, FDL (fluorescent), and CPL (circular polarizing filter). I really like the UV one cause it not only protects my lens but also enhances my outdoor photos. The CPL which is supposed to allow you to take pictures of mirrors without the reflection didn’t work, but maybe I’m using it wrong. I haven’t tried the FDL yet. I also want a cross 6 star filter and some magnifying lens.

You can still see my reflection 🙁

Learn from pro. I was on MTM’s blog and she said that she learned about photography by reading photography books and blogs. I’m subscribed to 3 photography blogs but I haven’t really been making use on them. I’m going to make use of literature to improve my skills – its like taking a class without paying!

What else can I do to improve my skill?

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