Study Abroad Bucketlist UPDATE

MarseilleFunGridWith only a month left, I thought I would do an update on my study abroad bucket list.

“The List”

  • Be able to order food at a restaurant completely in French – haven’t tried yet
  • Post once a week (and improve the quality of my written post) – clearly the one a week posting didn’t happen. Whatcha think bout the quality though?
  • Photo a Day (most likely won’t be posted on the day the photo is taken though) – also didn’t happen
  • Finish reading the books I brought with me – working on it
  • Run at least once a week – also didn’t happen. Not making excuses but there’s no gym here and with sickle cell, the weather has to be optimal for me to run outside. But since the weather has been warming up, I’ve started running again.
  • See what the hype is about macaroons
  • Go to a winery/ get some knowledge on wine
  • Make life-long friends [only time will tell]
  • Places to visit
    • Barcelona
    • Sicily – Not gonna happen  went to Pisa instead
    • Monaco – happening later
    • Boudreaux – probably not going to happen
    • Morocco* – not happening
    • Nice & I’m going back 
    • Amsterdam 
    • Austria* ALMOST but not going to happen
    • Dublin also not going to happen
    • Scotland* can you guess?
    • Paris** happening!
    • London**
    • Brussels
    • Istanbul – not happening
    • Rome** also not happening

Thus far, I’ve crossed of 10 items on the list. When I made this list, I was still in my “I hate Marseille” phase so I planned to do loads of travel. But now, I’ve come to terms with Marseille and decided I should spend more time exploring Marseille and nearby cities i.e Lyon and Aix-en-Provence. I’ve made another bucket list with two of my friends here and I look forward to posting that COMPLETED list at the end of my time here. It’s been an interesting three months and I’m going to “saisir le jour” each day I have left.

Till next time,


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