Study Abroad Bucketlist: Final Update


    • Be able to order food at a restaurant completely in French
    • Post a week (and improve the quality of my written post)  (I’ll consider viewer count increasing as success)
    • Photo a Day
    • Finish reading the books I brought with me – finished 2/4

Completed 12/21 just over half! Not bad eh? I’m not too upset I didn’t get to cross off EVERYthing cause I know my time was still spent well. I most definitely “saisir le jour” and left with no regrets.



4 thoughts on “Study Abroad Bucketlist: Final Update

    • hey! thanks for reading 🙂
      hmmm not necessarily ‘realize the things that matter’ but I think it helps us step out of out of our routines and try something new. I know after completing some of the items on my list, I had a different outlook on the rest of my time abroad and life in general.

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