Say whaaa?

It’s funny that this is the prompt for today because I was just telling my friends how I need to stop speaking in slang because it’s affecting the way i communicate in American English.

I’m from “the DMV” (DC/Maryland/N.VA) and there’s a new slang every two weeks. There’s a slang for every possible word in the dictionary.

Anyways there’s a word “guh” we use to say mad/ upset/angry. So the other day I was speaking to my friend that doesn’t really speak in slang and I was trying to tell her how upset I was and the only word that would come to my mind was “guh”. It was so sad, that I speak so much slang that I’m losing my vocabulary.

I really need to switch it up, be colloquial or formal when need be. This is especially important for me because I plan to go to college out-of-state and people in NYC or Pittsburgh wont know what “guh” is.

But to answer the Plinky question, my favorite slang phrase is “I can’t faddeee”


Save: can you spot me $100?

Sam: “can’t fade it, I only have $50 in my account”

that was a bad example but you get the point right?

*UPDATE: CLICK HERE FOR “CANT’T FADE” via Urban Dictionary

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