Prom is Overrated

                                             Don’t I look like a Princess?


On Saturday, May 21, 2011, I went to my senior prom. And as much as I hate to say it, prom is in fact overrated. When people were telling me this I didn’t believe it but now I know. There’s so much emphasis and stress that goes on in prep for prom when prom is just a dance, like homecoming, but you get even more dressed up. I got my dress made but I ended up not even wearing that dress. So 3 hours before prom I had no clue what I was going to wear. I learned a few things from that experience:

1. Buy a dress for prom. Yes, I know prom dresses are expensive but making a dress is so much more expensive especially if you don’t “have the hook up” and know a really good tailor. The stress of continually going back to get fitted just is not worth it.

2. If you MUST make a dress. Know your design and fabric and stick to it! Find the best (even if this means most expensive) tailor around. Although it’s ultimately your decision, ask for other opinion as you go. That’s all I’m saying about that. Just go buy a dress. There’s are plenty of beautiful dresses.

3. This isn’t actually about prom but a lesson I learned about myself/life in general. Stand up for yourself. I noticed that I say sorry and thank entirely way too much. Even if I’m not at fault I just say “sorry” or if I did someone a favor I say”thank you”. That will not be happening any more. I need to care more about my own feelings. I’m always thinking about others before myself. I think that’s the biggest mistake I made during the months that lead to prom.

4. Don’t mix business with friendship. But you probably already knew this.

5. Communication is key. If you don’t tell people how you feel, how are they supposed to know how you feel? I know it sounds simple, but you really just need to express how you feel to people.

6. Prom is expensive. Do everything possible to save money. Don’t rent a limo. If your parents have a nice car, use it. It’s not like people are actually going to see you drive there. Get a corsage and boutonniere at the grocery store -it’s about $30 cheaper.

I had more lessons learned/advice but I forgot since I waited so long to post this.

Don’t get me wrong I had a blast at prom but if I could do things differently, I would have just bought a dress from Nordstrom or one of those prom catalogs. I hope this was helpful to those who haven’t gone to prom yet!

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