The Magic of New York, 2017

When I was applying to colleges for undergrad, I was obsessed with New York. Maybe I watched too much TV or subconsciously wanted to follow my best friend at the time to the city but I applied to at least four institutions in New York. I was on young Carrie Bradshaw level. 
Maybe my obsession grew from my first trip in high school and perhaps continued when I went my freshman year of college. Both times were day trips and I don’t think I got on the subway the first trip. Being in the city for 12 hrs at a time, you get all the glitter and gold the city brings (and no of the disappointment). Thus the fascination of being young in the city continued.
Fast forward to my 2017 job search. I’m 23 and I know myself a bit more. In my job search, I’m willing to move anywhere – as long as it’s not colder than D.C. So New York is automatically off the list. Initially, I don’t even bother applying to opportunities in New York but after realizing a lot of what I’m interested in is there, I give in. So I begin applying, maybe I’ll live in Jersey and commute, who knows.

At the networking event.

In February I went for an event at a potential employer and decide to make a trip of it. Other than the event, I have no plans for my 4 days and 3 nights ( I end up blogging, taking photos & visiting the met; gallery below).
Upon entering the city, I have an experience similar to that of my London trip (read here). I’m instantly reminded that I don’t know sht bout New York  as the “lovely” aromas welcome me 😷. All of this happens as I try to conceal my smile of excitement. The excitement of travel and new adventure hits me but I play it cool. This is The Big Apple (do people still call it that?) in the middle of February – I try my best not to look like a tourist.

Buttas, cause New York

Though I’m still not convinced New York is my next home, I can’t shake the excitement that overwhelms me as I walk through the city. Even basic things like that subway (mostly the people on it) fascinate me.
Part of me is afraid the ginger of the city will wear out if I actually move here. The irony of life. When you want it it doesn’t happen, and when you are over it, the opportunity appears.
Overall, I still love the idea of being a twenty-something in the city that never sleeps. But my four days there really made me realize how overwhelming that can be, especially as an introvert. But I’ll think more about that when I have an offer in the city. Until then, I’ll live vicariously through Betty, Carrie & Rachel.
Gallery from my trip below – most were taken from the Met. I thought I knew art/museum based on all the Smithsonian’s I have visited but the Met proved me wrong (which is actually a good thing). I loved discovering new art. & I’m convinced that museums are my “Love Language” haha


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    • LOL I wouldn’t say TRASH but I agree that it’s overwhelming to live but LIT to visit (esp if you have money haha)