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Just felt the need to share this.ThinkAndGrowChick’s experience is somewhat similar to mine. I love the new perspective of her goals. Click here for the full article

As I’ve alluded to in other post, my faith in God as a Christian has been a huge source of strength and inspiration to me. Whether it was coming out of the mess I made with school and my finances or even with my goals, if it weren’t for God and the wisdom I have received from the Bible over the past few years, I am certain that I would be certifiably crazy! :-)

If you notice in the last sentence, I said “over the past few years” because I’ve only recently gave my life to Christ. Although I was raised in a Christian household and my Dad even became a pastor during my teenage years, I never fully understood the Christian message growing up. As a person who considers herself an “intellectual”, I faced a lot of inner conflict when it came to Jesus, so I embarked on a spiritual and intellectual “soul search” during the first 3 years of college, professing only to believe in God but not necessarily the God of the Bible. It wasn’t until right before I turned 21 that a series of crazy circumstance that only God could orchestrate brought me to a place where Jesus was the only thing that made sense and the only thing that I wanted. I’ll leave my testimony at that since a lot of the stuff that brought me there is personal, but I wanted to make my background known so that you understand the beliefs powering my perspective, even if yours are different.


Money. When it comes to money, I am now focusing more on how I manage it and how generous I am with it versus pursuing more money just for money’s sake. Last year, I received a lot of wonderful financial blessings (which I will detail in part 2 of this post) that made me realize that I am already exceedingly financially blessed, especially for a college student. God has never not provided for my needs, so instead of making random goals to earn more money “just because” I want to point my energy towards managing it properly and being generous to those less fortunate.

Last year, especially with the passing of Steve Jobs, I realized that I want to focus more on making meaningwith my work over making money. This is not to say the two are mutually exclusive; at least in business, money does tend to follow those that create the most value for others. The point is that money should followmeaning as a by-product, not the other way around.

Fitness. Similarly to my shift in perspective on money, I no longer want to approach working out for vanity’s sake. I’ll admit this will be hard to put in practice because Lord knows I would loooove to have a six-pack, but I really want to move away from working out to make my body look good versus working out to be healthy and experience all that my body can do.

These may be extreme comparisons, but when I start to obsess over small physical “flaws” that need to be “fixed” in the gym, I think of women who with disabilities, women who deal with illness, women who battle obesity, or even women who are enduring physical or sexual abuse. Every day, there are millions women in this world who’s bodies are prevented from operating at the level of health and freedom that I get to experience. That is not to say that there is anything wrong with looking good or even desiring to look good, but I want to keep “looks” in its proper place. I’d rather have a six pack as a by-product of me being a healthy, athletic person than because I crash-dieted and worked out excessively to get it.

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