More College Tours

I’ve been accepted into all the schools I applied to, except for Carnegie Mellon which I’m still waiting for. In trying to decide, I went on more college tours.

I went and visited Penn State Harrisburg in hopes that it would be better than Penn State Greater Allegheny. The campus was better cause it was newer, however, the environment, the vibe, and the people were the same. It was really dry. There was a lot of diversity in the students – Mandarin speaking Chinese, Creole-speaking Trinidadians. I liked that aspect of it but when I sat down and spoke to students they could tell even from speaking to me that Penn State wasn’t the place for me.

I wasn’t going to let other people’s opinion and my want for a city school to make a decision. So I went to God in prayer. I believe that George Mason is the school for me. I’m still praying (and waiting for CMU) but I think that’s where God want me to go – even my dad said it.

Here are some pictures from MY visit it Penn Harrisburg and George Mason

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