Middle Class Need Scholarships Too!

I’ve been working my butt off looking for scholarships. 60% of the time when I see “need-based” I basically just disregard it. My parents make well over the average poverty rate and because of this, I’m not eligible for a lot of scholarships. I don’t think this is fair at all. I found this parent on a college forum feeling the same way:

I find that many scholarships are need based.  I think that this is very unfair for the middle class working family.  I believe that most of the outstanding low-income students qualify for financial aid.  The government provides them with the funds they need to pay for their education.   I wish that there were more scholarships out there to help  the middle class.  After all the middle class married couple pays so much taxes and gets no rewards at all for trying to stay above the poverty level.  You almost wonder , should I get a divorce just to have my daughter qualify for a scholarship?  It should not be like this.  There should be many more scholarships offered based on merit and not so many on need, since like I stated earlier.  The government will pay for those in need.  The middle class who cannot afford to pay for the child’s education has to go into debt.  It is just not fair.  What you think?

I couldn’t have said it better myself.  The thing that pisses me off the most is that FAFSA decides how much your family can contribute (EFC) BASED solely on how much they make and how many siblings you have. Some families have special circumstances ( health issues, uninsured hospital bills, multiple college tuitions etc) that make it even harder to pay for college.

And then when I find a good “merit” based scholarships, I have to write 1500 word essay and need a zillion letters of recommendation. Whereas the need-based scholarships only need your name and address.

I’m just praying and I know God will make a way to pay for me and my brother’s college tuition over the next six years (grad school). But the American system of taking money from the rich and giving it to the more really need to stop and change.

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2 thoughts on “Middle Class Need Scholarships Too!

  1. I have mixed feelings on your position. As a person that comes from a low-income family, I believe that it’s much harder to get funding for school. To be honest, I think it’s all about planning and doing well research. Yes, I agree that there should be funding for all, but that would mean less funding for the working poor. However, I don’t consider myself poor because I believe that’s a mind set. I do agree with your stance on FAFSA however because I think the way they calculate is wrong. Apparently, for the first time, I actually had to contribute to my tuition out of pocket this year. I’ll comment more later. This is a very interesting topic.

  2. [keep in mind i wrote this a year ago but i still stand on what I wrote]
    wait you think that it’s harder to get money if you’re from a low income family? That makes no sense. Most low-income families are offered the pell grant. The pell grant makes you eligible for so many other grants. No it wouldn’t mean less for the working poor. It should be even distribution of money. In this situation poor is not a mind-set its a number on a piece of paper that tells the govt how much you make.

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