London Vlog, October 2017

London Vlog, October 2017

In October I went to England with the Kween Mother for one of my aunties wedding.

For The Culture #BlackLove

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As you all know I’m no stranger to the Queen’s land (2015, 2014 + other undocumented family trips) but I thought it would be interesting to document using video this time around – and I’m glad I did! My documentation started off great, I was recording everything (on my cell phone this time, please forgive the video/audio quality) but after the wedding I kinda forgot to record, mostly because I didn’t do anything other than shop and see St George and the Dragon with a friend at the National Theatre – 8/10 would recommend seeing if you’re in London. I’m actually upset I forgot to at least take a picture – ya girl was running late and missed the first scene).


Omoge came in a black jet left in a white one

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Nevertheless, I actually had fun editing the vlog because of the scenes with my mom (Kween Mother). I knew I looked like her, but sheesh, no one ever told me she birthed a dark skin version of herself! haha like we even laugh and smile the same (such a goofball, I love her) What do y’all think? Twins or am I exaggerating?

Because I know someone will ask, I edited it using regular shmegular iMovie. I used iMovie because after editing this project in 2013 and another still-secret project in August 2017, I was scareddd by Premiere Pro and just wanted to focus on getting the vlogs out rather than learning software. Even with all the added features of the new iMovie, it’s super intuitive to use. However, for my next video projects I am going to commit to editing them in Premiere Pro because 1) I’m paying for it as part of my Adobe CC subscription 2) iMovie doesn’t really have project files like other software so the files take up so much space on your actual computer hard drive instead of an external (if you know a solution PLEASE let me know)


Alright, Kweenies, what type of video project would you like me to do next? comment below or tweet me!


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