La Sagrada Familia, #CrossEqualsLove

In light of Easter weekend, I thought I would share some of the photos from Barcelona, specifically the La Sagrada Familia. “The Holy Family” is an epic church that has been in the works since 1882 (yes, it’s still not finished). When it began, the lead architectural designer was non-other than Antoni Gaudi. 

BAA_7791 I didn’t go inside because the price wasn’t right and the line was too long. But I definitely plan on going in when I return to Barcelona ;-).


The photo above, of the crucifix, reminds me of a picture I posted yesterday on Instagram. Hillsong Church has a #crossequalslove project they were promoting for Easter weekend. Reflecting on cross=love, the fact that there is no greater love than the Love of Christ became real to me. I’d sang songs about it before but I don’t know, something about being away from home, listening to Planetshaker’s “The Anthem/Hallelujah” non-stop, TripLee’s sermon, or the combination of all three made it a reality. Like who else do you know willing to get nailed to a cross for you? Or how bout this: who would you get beaten, spat on and die for? I’ll give you a minute to think… yea, I couldn’t think of anyone either. I’m infinitely grateful for such a love.



Other Photos on Barcelona:

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