Study Abroad Bucketlist: Final Update

Study Abroad Bucketlist: Final Update

Be able to order food at a restaurant completely in French Post a week (and improve the quality of my written post)  (I’ll consider viewer count increasing as success) Photo a Day Finish reading the books I brought with me – finished 2/4
One Month Later…

One Month Later…

Today marks one month since I landed back in the United States and I still can’t believe I really spent five months in France. Five months without seeing my family and closest friends, leaving everything I know behind. If you know me, you know I don’t do tears. Prior to this semester I have cried ... Read More
Nigerian-American Girl Cooking in France

Nigerian-American Girl Cooking in France

Americans over-romanticize French cuisine. When in fact, there’s nothing special about it. Though it does have Italian influences, it’s no Italy where they make pizza and pasta fresh, or Spain – masters of paella.  France produces grapes (for wine), brie cheese, and are experts at bread and fries (baguettes will never be the same for me). Today ... Read More

Magic Fountains & Bubble Men [Barcelona]

The last set of Barcelona photos 🙁 You all don’t understand how much I love this place. I don’t think I complained once while I was there. Such a beautiful city: the people, the food and the overall atmosphere. I’m so happy I got to spend my 21st birthday there. I have to make it ... Read More

Desensitized to Racism?

Text sent to a British-American friend: So I went out with a white Canadian girl, a British-Indian girl and two Irish guys. On the way back we went to this food stand and these two French guys were being rude and talking trash. We had had a few drinks but the Canadian girl and I were sober. So these two ... Read More

I’m Famous! (kinda)

A while back my school of management’s communication department contacted me asking to write an article about my experience abroad. I answered a few questions, sent a few pictures and next thing I know (okay more like a few weeks later) I was front page on the GMU’s School of Management page. As if that wasn’t exciting ... Read More

21st @ Barceloneta

I spent my 21st birthday on the beach sipping traditional Cava Rose from a hole in the wall joint in Spain. I literally could not have imaged this is how I would spend it but I so happy it did. Let me rewind. A fellow Mason Patriot is studying abroad in Grenda, Spain. When I ... Read More

#BringBackOurGirls Stand & Sign in Solidarity

190 girls, 16 days, 0 progress. From what I’ve read, the US and UK are actively searching, but hopefully, each additional signature can fuel a fire:   I don’t  really have any words. But this needed to be shared. Now I understand why people say Goodluck Jonathon shouldn’t even dream of a re-election. It would ... Read More

La Boqueria – Barcelona

La Borqueira is one of the many reasons why I love Barcelona. It’s a huge market in the famous La Rambla street. You can find just about any food item here: raw, cooked, produce, meats and chocolate. This is where I had my first paella (not pictured). We spent an hour or so here but literally ... Read More