Tech Motivation

Sadly, my brother has turned me into a tech geek. I’m currently taking Cisco classes at school and I thought I was doing something. This 9year old boy from Macedonia is the youngest person to receive a Microsoft certified systems engineer. Marko Calasan, received Microsoft system administration credentials at age 6. On average his day ... Read More

Bye Bye Paper (Books)

With new inventions like the Kindle and Nook, print is becoming a thing of the past. Now Bonnier has announced a prototype for and interactive magazine. It like the Kindle for magazines. click the link to watch the video for a more accurate description. I would totally buy this because my magazine collection is getting ... Read More

Coming correct this time

I previously had a blog. I originally was passionate and excited about it, but then I tried to turn it into something it wasn’t….something I was not.  I lost support and interest. This blog is just going to be about me, things I like, enjoy and find interesting. No, I won’t post every day. No, ... Read More