Instagram for Android Review


Much to iPhone users disappointment, yesterday Instagram for Android was released in Google Play (market). I’ve used Instagram since it first launched on my iTouch so I wasn’t as excited as other Droid user. However, I didn’t use it much because my iTouch doesn’t have a camera so it wasn’t of much use. So naturally I was happy they did finally release it on Android.

Being familiar with the iOS app, I figured the Android app would be identical. Overall the developers did a great job bringing the software to Android but there are a few missing elements they need to add to make it better.

1. Front camera use. Since I don’t own an iPhone, I’m not quite sure if users are able to take photos VIA instagram their front camera. But with more and more android phones and tablets having front cameras (such as my EVO 3D) I find this is a necessity. Granted the photo will not be of high quality but I would like that option. *UPDATE* there is a front camera option!


2. No blur option. This caught me off guard because there are two option to blur photos on the iOS app. For some reason it has been omitted in the Android app. This should have been a no brainer for the developers.

3. Can’t save images. This issue is seen on both platforms. However since iPhone user can easily take a screen shot, it’s that big of a deal on iOS. Since Android users don’t have that option readily available (at least not to my knowledge , if you know an effective way please lemme know) the developers should implement a ‘save image’ option.
I think this option would give the app an edge considering some professional photographers use the app and their photos make for great phone wallpaper.

In conclusion, I really like the app. However I will not be ditching my previous photo editing app, photo effects.

What do you guys think of the app? Love it? Hate it? Lemme know in a comment down below! Feel free to follow me on Instagram @dkweenb



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