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Infinite To Do List: End on Summa/ 2011 Update

So I just realized I never posted my last update for my infinite to-do list.

                                                  Few weeks into the semester

Healthy Hair 
This is a work in progress, but this summer, I definitely learned a lot about my hair. I am still learning about natural hair and most importantly what MY hair likes. I’ve tried different regimens” Ayurveda, no chemicals, etc. Check out what I’ve learned (and posted) about here. I have definitely seen I’ll have a general hair update later (promise) with pictures. My new mission is to have a healthy scalp. I’ll expand on this in my next hair update

Since its been three months since I was supposed to meet my deadline, I can’t exactly say how much I saved, However, It’s almost the end of my first semester and my account is still positive so I could consider this a success.

Improve Wardrobe.✓ 

Spending the last couple of weeks in one of the world’s fashion capitals (details later) without a doubt helped me carry out this goal! I Additionally I’ve got lots of compliments on campus; I was even featured on CollegeFasionista which was cool.

Improve Blogging.

meh. I tried a give-a-way and no one entered so… yea. I do notice a few more followers. Not as many as I would have liked. I appreciate all my new (and faithful) followers/subscribers. I urge you all to please “like” and comment on posts so I know you’re out there.


Coming to college and meeting other photographers, I noticed that I don’t suck as a photographer (yaay). The issue is that a lot of people do intense editing for their photos, which makes a world of a difference. I don’t really like editing because it’s so time-consuming. I have Photoshop CS 5 so in my spare time, I try to get the hang on this editing thang.

Get physically fit & read a book a month.

These two were just fails.

Overall, even though I didn’t check off everything, it was fun, eventful summer. The things I didn’t accomplish, will roll over into my long-term to do list, as the title of this post suggest. Get physicaly fit has changed into avoid freshman 15. I can’t promise updates on that but lets keep our fingers crossed eh? Did you make your own list? How much stuff did you do?

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