Hometown Photography #FollowMeTo The US Capitol


Hey Kweens and Kings,

I’m back with another installment of my Hometown Photography series, and this time I revisit the US Capitol. You may recall back in the summer of  2015 I visited for the first time when I linked up with fellow photographer Paa Kwesi. Those photos did not turn out so well since it was dark and I did not have a tripod (it was an impromptu shoot). This time around I took my gorilla tripod and remote trigger so that I could put the shutter speed super low to let in more light. The images did come out better and I got the shot I was looking for but I definitely need to get another tripod. Since the gorilla tripod is so short I was basically looking like that “anything for the shot” photographer… you know the ones.




I was also aiming for a sunset shoot but it was cloudy that day. Overall I still count the day a success since I learned more about low light photography what do to do next time. Who knows by 2018 I’ll have over 1,000 of this building haha. Check out the images below.

What are your low light essentials? What D.C. locations should I visit next?