Heat Free Hair Wig

Since I would be spending 6 months in France and my twist would only last max 2 months I made my For Kinks Heat Free Hair into a wig to wear the last 4 months.

“Custom made unit w/ #HeatFreeHair made by me. Client desired for [the] unit to be taken off every night, so we put side combs on the unit instead of sewing it down. Only a little bit of her hair was left out at the top. #divinehaircare

The part with color is my hair. As you can see (with the exception of the color) you can’t tell what is mine and what is not. Surprisingly, she used all of the two bundles and it did not feel like a massive amount of hair like last time. I only wore the hair for a week before I got Marley Twist for Marseille. But when I take down these twist, this is what I will be rocking!

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