Guess Where I am pt 2… Give-A-Way


Click here for the 1st part.

The rules & prizes.

I will post three separate post of a picture as a clue to where I am. (this being post two) There are three separate locations, the prize will go to who ever is the most accurate guesser for all three locations.

To enter:

1. Submit your guess as a comments. Only one guess per person per post.
2. You must be subscribed to this blog. You have to either follow by email or via WordPress. If you follow on a third-party (i.e. Google Reader) I won’t be able to see it.
3. You must like the Facebook page.

Simple right? Cool! So everyone get the guessing and I will have the third photo next week!

P.S If I have told you where I am You’re not allowed to enter 😉

Oh I almost forgot to say the prize! It’ll be items from each location!

Spread the word & Best of Luck!

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