Google Doodle Proves Women > Men

Screen Shot 2012-12-10 at 3.15.28 AMToday’s doodle pays homage to Ada Lovelace, a brilliant mathematician and the first programmer. I find it a bit ironic that since technically the first programmer was a woman, that programming is now a male-dominated career. I wonder what caused it. What if Bill Gates had been a women? Would there be more women in technology today?

In high-school I participated in Microsoft’s DigiGirlz despite it’s exposure to technology I wish it were more in-depth. i really would like to get involved in empowering more women to be in science and technology fields.  I mean why not have it all? beauty and brains! I recently found a program that does just that: “Black Girls Code” is a great way for minority girls to not only get exposed to have experience in the field of programming. I think efforts like this are really cool and wish I had the opportunity to take part of this as a 10 year old. Companies like this should be advertised more.

Click on the links to find out more. What do you think? Women in technology yay or naw?



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