This month marks three years of Karyn Washington’s passing (read her Karyn’s story here). In the years since her death, the black community has done a better job at shedding light on the importance of Minority Mental Health Awareness. There’s still more work to do, and we need to change the stigmas around mental health now more than ever.

Proudly rocking red lips

An ode to Karyn because we were the same age, because we were the same complexion, because when we’re not being called ugly, we’re oversexualized, because there are high functioning depressives, because not all dark skins are insecure, because you changed the game for black girls like me. Rest In Peace Karyn. #DarkSkinRedLip  #DarkSkinRedLipsProject #ForBrownGirls #mentalhealth  #BlackMindsMatter