Feature Friday – Meet Feyi

I hope you all enjoyed last week’s feature Friday cause here’s another one!

Meet Feyi from Maryland. I’ve known Fey since grade school. We attended the same church, middle and high school. She’s a current architecture major at Carnegie Mellon University!

How long have you been natural? what’s the story behind that? I’ve been natural for most of my life. I got my first perm in the 6th grade because my peers thought it would suit me better. I got a couple more after that, but 11th grade I switched back to my natural hair because my hair started breaking after a use with a flat-iron. I am not back to my wonderfully curly natural self!
Describe your hair. My hair is mostly 4b with some 4a towards the front.
What is your hair regimen?
My hair is almost always in braids. When I don’t have individuals or cornrows, I’ll give my hair a break and just out twists with my natural hair. I’ve used Doo Gro products for as long as I could remember. I co wash with my braids every other week and shampoo my hair once a month so the braids won’t get messed up. When my hair is out I wash it every two weeks.
So you’re a college student. How has your regimen changed since you got to college? My regimen hasn’t changed much since I’ve left home. I’m mostly looking for more protective styles to try out when ever I feel like changing my hair. I also drink more water and take vitamins to keep myself and my hair healthy.
What is your best hair advice? My mom always told me that if you want a product to work on your hair, then stay consistent. Your body needs time to get accustomed to the nutrients and when it finally does, it pays off!

Advice for new naturals? BE PATIENT!!! It does suck sometimes when you’re combing out knots or your hair isn’t growing as fast as you want it, but trust me. Just wait it out and your hair will be at its healthiest state. I transitioned almost a year ago in a couple of weeks and my hair is longer and thicker than it was before and I LOVE it!
What is the strangest comment, request or hair story? My school is very diverse, so a lot of people aren’t used to seeing people with braids, natural hair, etc. I remember during Orientation week at my school, countless people would give me compliments on my braids and they were shocked when I showed them my afro! People appreciate being different and embracing yourself.
Anything else you would like to share? The only other thing I will say is be confident. You are beautiful inside and out, with or without long, flowing hair. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise, because to embrace your beauty, you’ve got to believe deep down that you are beautifully and wonderfully made and people will see it.

So you’re not into using “all natural products” ? What products do you use? I’m not too pressed about all natural products because I’ve used the same products for almost my whole life and I haven’t had any problems. I use Doo Gro, but I have experimented with natural styling cremes like Kinky Curly and Miss Jessie’s and I use those regularly, even though I’d choose Miss Jessie’s over Kinky Curly.

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