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Fashion Feature Friday – Meet ‘Chelle

Tell us your name and where you are from? Michelle, But Everyone calls me Chelle Ford


Describe your style. I have two different styles, Everyday look I love dressing Boyish preppy, with the pants, a nice blouse, and Oxford’s or loafers. But When I go out, I LOVE dresses, I literally have a dress-gasm over a really BADD dress. lol


Advice for aspiring models?  My advice for aspiring models would be to market yourself properly, just because you’re new to the game doesn’t mean you should settle for just ANY modeling gig. Be wise and be able to differentiate between the legit gigs and not so legit ones.


How’d you get started? I modeled for 6 years, I did my first fashion show at UMD ASA show in 2006, and a friend introduced me to ModelMayhem, and I began networking.

What advice would you give to people who might be afraid to show their true fashion for fear of being judged by others? My advice to them would be who cares what people think about YOUR clothes, at the end of the day, YOU paid for it, and YOU are the one wearing it, if they don’t like, they should start paying for your clothes.

Favorite store? Favorite store..I do online shopping more, but I love ASOS, Forever 21, and H&M. Those three stores basically summarizes my wardrobe.

Advice for fashionista’s on budget? Advice for fashionista’s on a budget would be to try the thrift store, they always have nice pieces for the lowest prices, and looking in your closet and try to re-create a couple of pieces that you’ve worn before.

do you thrift shop a lot? I def agree that confidence makes a big part of how you look.I actually don’t thrift shop a lot, I hate crowded stores, so I suck at finding things, so I rather let my friends do it for me lol

When it comes to your style who, what or where does your inspiration come from? My style inspiration comes from just knowing what looks good on my body type, and having that inner self-confidence that whatever I put on is going to look good.

If you could name one person from the past or present whose closet you would love to raid, who would it be? Hmmm, I would LOVE to raid Kim Kardashian‘s closet, her dresses and shoe game is SIICKKK!! lol

Do you have a blog/website? I actually don’t have a blog, but you can always follow me on twitter.com/@ChioFord

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