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College Advice part 2: Academics & Miscellaneous

Hello Lovies! How’d you survive the earthquake… and how you dealing with Irene? Hope everyone is safe!  I know it’s been a while, but I’ve been so busy tryna get this college stuff! I moved in on Thursday 🙂 With that being said, I thought I would do the part two to Words of Wisdom: College Advice – Relationships: God & People


Make your GPA a priority. If there is one thing you remember, know: 
It is easy to get a good grade, it is even easier to get a horrible one. The transition between HS and college can be a very difficult and it can take a toll on your GPA. Set your priorities/goals, and you will be successful.

Party hard, Study harder. The college party scene is something I really looked forward to my freshman year. My parents were really strict so I didn’t get to go out that much throughout high school, without having to leave early. However, many other freshmen I met focused too much on partying and their grades suffered. There is an equal balance between doing work and having fun, but a lot of people struggle to find it. Since college isn’t as structured as high school and you don’t have parents or teachers pushing you to do your work, it’s very easy to get behind in a class. Try to get locked into a routine early (Eg. Class, eat, hw, hang out, sleep). Make your work a priority. Better yet, you should try to do your assignments early so that you aren’t rushing to meet a deadline that you knew about weeks in advance. Even if you do miss a party here or there, it’s ok: you have 4 years worth of parties, I guarantee that you’ll make up for it. Also, it is really important to reach out to your professors. These classes can be HUGE!!! Like, hundreds of people, so it is very likely that you’ll just be another name on their enrollment sheet. Especially if this is a class you’re struggling with, there is nothing wrong with going to office hours for extra help. Don’t wait until the last-minute to try to magically fix your grade because that will NOT work.


When it comes to Christianity in college that’s a very tough area, especially in this generation because in college it is so diverse as far as religion is concerned so making yourself STANDOUT is essential to college evangelism. It is easy to claim to be a Christian but to live it at a college where sin is prevalent and people have organizations supporting and promoting what is contrary to the truth of Gods word.
Your example to those who haven’t come in contact with Jesus Christ is very important because they aren’t gonna read the Bible but once they see your Christ-likeness it will make them want to be like you or ask questions about your God and that opens the door for you to evangelize.
Make everyone know off [the] bat that you’re a child of the Most-High King once that foundation is laid it helps people from inviting you to sinful events, and participating in things that will cause you to violate the lordship of Christ in your life. As long as God is your #1 priority you will STANDOUT and God will work through you as you progress in your new journey.  Matthew 6:33  1 Corinthians 10:31


Explore the city you are in. Get out learn the history…learn the best place to shop…the best local deli, etc.

To start transitioning high school to college is tough on its own, not to throw in the pressures [for some] of leaving the comfort of your home and somewhat being independent. A lot of changes from making your own curfew, making your own devotion times, eating breakfast, lunch, and dinner on your own time.

Another uncomfortable thing is living with someone who you possibly never knew, who might be from a different upbringing, race, religion, and morals. The only constant and only thing you might have in common is you both are pursuing higher education

– Be Yourself! Don’t be pressured to do anything you don’t want to do. Given that this is a new situation, people may be willing to compromise themselves for the sake of making friends. No one wants to be that weird girl who doesn’t drink…. right? WRONG!! I cannot express to you how many people I saw freshman year who when I met said they didn’t drink, but by the end of the year they were always drunk. It’s not even really about drinking — If you want to try alcohol, by all means do it, but do it because you want to; not because everyone else is doing it. Stick to your guns. If you’re abstinent, don’t just have sex with the first guy that approaches you because you want to “fit in”. Yes, college is a new place, but you are still the same YOU. People aren’t going to not like you because you don’t do certain things that they may do and if that does happen….those people wouldn’t make good friends anyway so you aren’t even missing out on anything. People have made so many mistakes falling into peer pressure. I know this is semi-high school special, but I’m only bringing it up because it is real. Too many people try to recreate themselves for college. There’s nothing wrong with a new look, but don’t change the non-superficial things about you.


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