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Hometown Photography #FollowMeTo The US Capitol

Hometown Photography #FollowMeTo The US Capitol

  Hey Kweens and Kings, I’m back with another installment of my Hometown Photography series, and this time I revisit the US Capitol. You may recall back in the summer of  2015 I visited for the first time when I linked up with fellow photographer Paa Kwesi. Those photos did not turn out so well since it ... Read More

ATLien in DC

Every summer for the past couple of years, my cousins come up from Atlanta to visit for a few weeks. I used their visit this time around to show one of them around the capital city. What other place to begin than Ben’s Chili Bowl? Honestly, this was also my first time at Ben’s so ... Read More
US Marine Corps Sunset Parade

US Marine Corps Sunset Parade

Next stop in my Washington DC adventures: Iwo Jima Memorial. But not just on any old day, I visited during the Marine Corps Sunset Parade at the Iwo Jima Memorial. The parades run from every year from May to August. The parade ends with a silent march just as the sun is setting.  I was in such ... Read More
US Capitol at Night

US Capitol at Night

Since graduating, I’ve decided to take the next year to get to know DC a little bit better. This summer I crossed off quite a bit of places and events on my list. First stop: Union Market, US Capitol & US Supreme Court

Chinatown Revisited [Washingtonians Series]

A year ago I posted a photo from a trip I took to Chinatown DC, I made another visit earlier this summer and here are some shots I got. What a difference, time (a new camera, lens experience) makes. I had a 55-300 lens so no awesome wide angle shots for me this time around. ... Read More
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Washingtonians [Photos]

Please explain to me how you have 1/2 a street. Only in DC