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iPisa #DuffleBaggingEurope

Here’s to my first installment of #DuffleBaggingEurope adventures. All of these photos were taken on my iPhone. I arrived in Pisa at about 2:20 am. The American girls backpacking Europe and I found this little kebab shop and waited for my friends to arrive at 3:15 am. Upon their arrival, the kebab shop closes. After ... Read More

This most interesting train ride #DuffleBaggingEurope

Okay don’t laugh but last week I got on a train for the first time. Like a real high-speed train.I was going to Nice from Marseille to visit my aunt. Sadly, I feel asleep on that train because I had stayed up the night before packing. I’m on a two-week “winter break” from school. So ... Read More

Turning Point

At Les Calanques de Marseille  “There is no moment of delight in any pilgrimage like the beginning of it.” – Charles Dudley Warner And this moment is when I thought  “I think I’ll like Marseille after all… “    

Minor Differences…Don’t Call it Culture Shock

During my pre-departure orientation, I didn’t pay too much attention to the part on culture shock. I figured I’ve traveled to Europe enough times – I even went to Dubai last summer. If I didn’t get culture shock in a place where they speak Arabic, it’s 100+ degrees everyday and Islam is infused in the ... Read More

Premières: Vieux-Port la nuit

Excuse the delay in these photos, per my earlier post, you all know what I’ve been up to. I’m going to try to post photos at least once a week. The problems isn’t shooting, it’s finding time to edit and share but I know you all are curious and I love sharing so stay tuned. Marseille, ... Read More

It’s not you, It’s me…

This is for everyone who has asked for “details” and personal daily photos and room tours. I’m recapping the last three weeks of my life so bear with me, it’s rather lengthy. If you know me, you know that I don’t share too much of my personal life with a lot of people but for this ... Read More

Traveling with Natural Hair

How do I pack hair products for five months without weighing down my suitcase? This is the question I pondered since I bought my ticket. At home I put my hair products in three clear plastic drawers, example pictured below. Now clearly, I can not take all that and still have space for clothes, shoes, ... Read More

Travel in Style

Ankara Tote/Travel Bag courtesy of Debisi Debisi features Dutch Wax fabric accessory designs to pull your outfit together for any occasion. Ranging from women’s bags to men’s ties and cufflinks. I really love this bag. It’s great for traveling because it is sturdy, spacious and not too heavy. The material is super cute (got lots ... Read More

Study Abroad Bucketlist

If you have followed my blog for a while, you know I am no amateur at making to-do list. However, upon my arrival in Marseille, I was inspired by fellow blogger and photographer, Erin O’Laery, to make a Marseille Study Abroad Bucket list. Most of these, I already had in my head but there’s something ... Read More