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International Product Junkie

So I went to Dubai with my mom and like the product junkie I am, I picked up a few hair products. I initially was just going to re-up on my Vatika coconut oil since I’d be getting a bigger bottle for less but then I saw they made other products and got just ONE ... Read More

Capture the memories – Travel Photography [Trip Tip #2]

So you went to Paris and your best photo looks like this Here are some tips to capture those memories just they way your remembered regardless of your skill level or type of camera (but in my biased opinion you should at least get a point and shoot camera, I know the iPhone is get ... Read More
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Eat like a Local [Trip Tip #1]

I’m not claiming to be a “professional traveler” but in my opinion, my mom is. I’ve been to enough countries with her and have taken notes on how to get the most of a visit to another country, no matter the reason for travel. Trip Tip #1 – Eat like a native. Upon arrival, you may be tempted to ... Read More
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Washingtonians [Photos]

Please explain to me how you have 1/2 a street. Only in DC

Guess Where I am pt 2… Give-A-Way

  Click here for the 1st part. The rules & prizes. I will post three separate post of a picture as a clue to where I am. (this being post two) There are three separate locations, the prize will go to who ever is the most accurate guesser for all three locations. To enter: 1. ... Read More