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Google Doodle Proves Women > Men

Today’s doodle pays homage to Ada Lovelace, a brilliant mathematician and the first programmer. I find it a bit ironic that since technically the first programmer was a woman, that programming is now a male-dominated career. I wonder what caused it. What if Bill Gates had been a women? Would there be more women in ... Read More
Instagram for Android Review

Instagram for Android Review

Much to iPhone users disappointment, yesterday Instagram for Android was released in Google Play (market). I’ve used Instagram since it first launched on my iTouch so I wasn’t as excited as other Droid user. However, I didn’t use it much because my iTouch doesn’t have a camera so it wasn’t of much use. So naturally I ... Read More


Initially I didn’t know how I felt about it, and honestly I still really don’t. But one thing I do know is that I don’t want anything to happen to the current state of the internet. Why fix something that isn’t broken? So I have joined the movement to STOP SOPA (& PIPA). I urge you to do the same. if you’ve been under a ... Read More

Computer Engineer Barbie

Mattel announced the new geek-friendly figurine last week. The Society of Women Engineers and the National Academy of Engineering have put their stamps of approval on this techy doll. Barbie’s up to date with a binary code t-shirt, a stylish pink watch, and some geek-chic glasses. Computer Engineer Barbie also sports a Bluetooth earpiece and ... Read More

Tweet from Space!

This message was sent last Friday making it the 1st tweet went fro Outerspace! NASA astronaut,  Flight Engineer T.J. Creamer broadcast directly from the International Space Station. I think that’s pretty cool. I wanna have a Twitter 1st like this..if there’s something that can top tweeting from space!

$1000 iPhone App – most expensive app

Unlike 2008’s I AM RICH app, at the same price, this is actually useful. BarMax: California Edition,helps you study for California Bar Exam. You get your money’s worth with 1 GB of outlines, lectures, a study calendar, and real questions and essays from previous exams. and technically its only $999.99 on iTunes. If you needed ... Read More

Apple iPad

[vodpod id=Video.2942581&w=425&h=350&fv=%26rel%3D0%26border%3D0%26] more about “Apples iPAD Revealed! Specs and Review“, posted with vodpod I think its miss because what if it drops? the screen breaks? and then what? I get a new iPad? I’m not convinced that’s it will ever be a necessity. What you think? Would you get the iPad?

3D TV!

At this year’s CES, one of the big announcements was 3DTV’s in the home. these can be seen as soon as this June. DirecTV will begin broadcasting a few channels in 3D and one of the big headlines is that sports will also be in 3D. Fox Sports and ESPN are already on board to ... Read More

Tech Motivation

Sadly, my brother has turned me into a tech geek. I’m currently taking Cisco classes at school and I thought I was doing something. This 9year old boy from Macedonia is the youngest person to receive a Microsoft certified systems engineer. Marko Calasan, received Microsoft system administration credentials at age 6. On average his day ... Read More