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Journey to become a Runner [Stomp Out Sickle Cell 5k]

Quick Reminder: There’s only 21 DAYS LEFT to register for $20!! Visit www.soswalk.org! Dont forget, you can be part of my team, Team Ade, make your own team of walk solo. Last month I posted about the Stomp Out Sickle Cell walk. With 2 1/2 months to train there’s no time to waste [because I’m incredibly out of shape]. ... Read More

Stomp Out Sickle Cell

I’m sure many of you have heard of Breast Cancer awareness month in October. However, not many are aware of sickle-cell awareness month in September. In the month of September, like many other causes, there’s a walk to raise awareness and funds. In the DC metropolitan area, it’s the Stomp Out Sickle Cell walk. This year I ... Read More
Health is the New Wealth

Health is the New Wealth

In my quest not to gain the freshman 15, I began eating healthier cutting out a lot of fried foods (well as much as possible on campus). It feels good when you eat right and sluggish when you don’t so naturally I wanted to eat what makes me feel better. I think that’s the biggest ... Read More

Words of Wisdom: College Advice – Relationships: God & People

I will be starting my first year of college and I’ve asked people on how their college experience was/ has been. I got some good information so I thought I would share it with you all as I know some of my readers are in the same boat as me.  It’s long because it’s from various ... Read More
Summer 2011: Infinite To Do list UPDATE

Summer 2011: Infinite To Do list UPDATE

With exactly one month till the end of summer, I thought I would update y’all on how my ‘Infinite To-Do list’ is going. To see how many items I’ve crossed of and what I need to get a move on. 1. Hair I’ve been consistent with my hair washing, I have tried new products and ... Read More
Hair’s struggling? There’s a Scripture for that!

Hair’s struggling? There’s a Scripture for that!

Wanting hair to grow and be lustrous is not being vain. If you’re experiencing some unexplained hair loss, I hope these scriptures will encourage you. I got them from a woman at my church who was experiencing hair loss about a year ago. She used these prayers coupled with anointing oil (EVOO). Her hair is not ... Read More


I forgot to tell ya what I got for my birthday! Don’t you love how I’ve managed to make my birthday into four separate post? Anyways I normally wouldn’t have made this its own post but…. I got a CAR for my birthday! Well, it wasn’t exactly I birthday gift because I got it in February. She’s already ... Read More