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Untitled Pain Poem

Untitled Pain Poem

We met before consciousnesses but you were idle idle for years lingering underneath unbeknownst to me. here you are 26 years later actually you first showed yourself at 16 but you were not yet a storm, you were not yet consuming me pain. causing me to reconsider my life my joy, sickness, chronic and though ... Read More
Nigerian-American Girl Cooking in France

Nigerian-American Girl Cooking in France

Americans over-romanticize French cuisine. When in fact, there’s nothing special about it. Though it does have Italian influences, it’s no Italy where they make pizza and pasta fresh, or Spain – masters of paella.  France produces grapes (for wine), brie cheese, and are experts at bread and fries (baguettes will never be the same for me). Today ... Read More

Desensitized to Racism?

Text sent to a British-American friend: So I went out with a white Canadian girl, a British-Indian girl and two Irish guys. On the way back we went to this food stand and these two French guys were being rude and talking trash. We had had a few drinks but the Canadian girl and I were sober. So these two ... Read More

La Boqueria – Barcelona

La Borqueira is one of the many reasons why I love Barcelona. It’s a huge market in the famous La Rambla street. You can find just about any food item here: raw, cooked, produce, meats and chocolate. This is where I had my first paella (not pictured). We spent an hour or so here but literally ... Read More

What’s the hype about Macaroons?

For the past two summers, macaroons have been all over my Instagram feed. From college students to bloggers everyone seemed to be raving about them. So fall 2013 when study abroad in France became I reality, I made it a mission to try one of these pastries. So what exactly is a macaroon? A macaroon ... Read More
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Eat like a Local [Trip Tip #1]

I’m not claiming to be a “professional traveler” but in my opinion, my mom is. I’ve been to enough countries with her and have taken notes on how to get the most of a visit to another country, no matter the reason for travel. Trip Tip #1 – Eat like a native. Upon arrival, you may be tempted to ... Read More

Half Marathon Training Update

Ever since I subtly announcing my registration for the Nike Women’s half marathon I haven’t talked much of it. Mostly because I thought it would end up like the 5k. But I’m glad to say that’s not the case at all and that I’ve made progress! Below are a few photos of the Nike running ... Read More

September is Sickle Cell Awareness Month

Hi all! I apologize for being MIA, “Life got in the way”. I’m an RA this year and had training for two weeks and then school started. But now I should have a (somewhat) steady schedule. Any who so it’s 11 days till the walk! If you havent registered, today is the last day.  AND ... Read More
Christian Workout Music

Christian Workout Music

Hey Kweens and Kings! I ned some help. For the past couple of weeks, I have been listening to the same songs when I go for a run – and it’s time for a change! So if you have any good Christian/Inspirational/Generally awesome songs that get you pumped please share! Below is a picture of my iTunes ... Read More