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La Sagrada Familia, #CrossEqualsLove

In light of Easter weekend, I thought I would share some of the photos from Barcelona, specifically the La Sagrada Familia. “The Holy Family” is an epic church that has been in the works since 1882 (yes, it’s still not finished). When it began, the lead architectural designer was non-other than Antoni Gaudi.  I didn’t ... Read More

Happy New Year: Greatness Activiated

Happy New Year! I’m so thankful God kept me to see this new year. 2013 was good and all but… 2014 is bout to be great. I have so much to look forward to this year; In a few days I’ll be heading to Marseille to study abroad for a semester. I’m turning 21 in ... Read More

Christmas Wish List 2013

Black TOMS shoes  –  “to-go” shoes Black Boots –  sadly after 8 seasons, I had to part with my black boots this season. I’m  basically looking for a replacement boot. But most of the boots I’ve found have a high price tag and low quality.  I’m thinking of going the combat boot route. Any suggestions? ... Read More

Christmas 2012 Wish List

Running Gear So I did this crazy thing – I signed up for the Nike Women’s half marathon and thus will be needing a lot of training gear. First and foremost I need new running shoes! Nothing fancy just something that fits, (size 9.5) is comfortable and will get me through April. I’ve been looking ... Read More
Freedom Music

Freedom Music

In light of today’s holiday I thought I would share a new artist I discovered via The Gospel Guru, Evin Amiri. ‘Evin Amiri is a member of the Grammy Nominated Stellar Award winning group 21:03. With the release of his “A Prelude to Freedom Music” mixtape, he began carving a lane all his own, blending ... Read More

Why 2011 was great and what I’m looking forward to in 2012

As the year was coming to an end I was seeing a lot of “I’m so ready for this year to be over”,” 2011 was some s*&^” tweets. The thing that bugged me the most was that I see these tweets each year. As a reflected on the year (and tweeted a rebuttal) I thought of ... Read More

Twenty Twelve Resolutions… who are we kidding?

Are you one of those people who say ‘new year, new me’ each year? Make a lovely resolutions list just to break them before the month is over? I’m not. I entered the new year with ‘new year, same me’ attitude. Then I realized that was stupid. Why would I want to be the same person? ... Read More

Nigeria Celebrates 50- The Good & The Bad

Federal Republic of Nigeria, my home country, celebrates 50 years of Independence today, October 1, 2010! With 50 years of Independence, the country has grown. Some argue it was not grown enough. “How can you celebrate Nigeria at 50 when there is no constant supply of light? How can you celebrate a nation where businesses ... Read More