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Infinite To Do List: End on Summa/ 2011 Update

So I just realized I never posted my last update for my infinite to-do list. Healthy Hair ✓ This is a work in progress, but this summer, I definitely learned a lot about my hair. I am still learning about natural hair and most importantly what MY hair likes. I’ve tried different regimens” Ayurveda, no chemicals, ... Read More
College Fashionista!

College Fashionista!

Last week I missed my second post-a-week >:( so I will try to post double this week! On the bright side, a CollegeFashionista.com intern stopped me for a chat and photos! Here’s the link article. This inspired me to post more about fashion on this blog. I’m not a huge fan of this picture, but glad I got ... Read More
Sunday’s Best

Sunday’s Best

I think I’m becoming more of a “girly girl“. I don’t know if this is good of bad. I’m just gonna be honest. This post is primarily to show off my skirt. I ordered it a while ago from Urban Outfitters and have worn it twice since.  And today was a great day for photos ... Read More

Magazine Hoarder

When I was in 7th grade, there was this fundraiser we did with magazines. Get people to subscribe to magazines at a discounted rate and the school gets a certain percentage. Well, I seized the moment and subscribed to Cosmogirl and Seventeen. Two months later when I got my first issues I was so excited. ... Read More

Farewell Tyra Show

Today Tyra announced that this week will the last 5 episodes of the Tyra show ever. 🙁 Which was followed by a tweet when the episode was starting. Tyra Banks (@tyrabanks) 5/24/10 1:16 PM “So sad, this is the final week of The Tyra Show. Everyday @ 4pm there will be a new episode. today ... Read More