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Africa Re:Defined

As part of George Mason’s International Week, the African student association had a culture night that showcased African music, fashion and lifestyle. The view was from a 2nd generation African. I took part in this event playing an ‘African mother’ in two skits. I also took some photos of the event. Here are a few. ... Read More
Health is the New Wealth

Health is the New Wealth

In my quest not to gain the freshman 15, I began eating healthier cutting out a lot of fried foods (well as much as possible on campus). It feels good when you eat right and sluggish when you don’t so naturally I wanted to eat what makes me feel better. I think that’s the biggest ... Read More
College Bucket List

College Bucket List

Travel Abroad at least once to a country I’ve never been to Be trilingual [English, Yoruba & Spanish] Yoruba is my ‘native’ language but since I grew up in America I was not able to speak it fluently, although my mom made every effort to teach me, I didn’t get serious about learning it until the summer before I started college. I ... Read More
College Fashionista!

College Fashionista!

Last week I missed my second post-a-week >:( so I will try to post double this week! On the bright side, a CollegeFashionista.com intern stopped me for a chat and photos! Here’s the link article. This inspired me to post more about fashion on this blog. I’m not a huge fan of this picture, but glad I got ... Read More

College Advice part 2: Academics & Miscellaneous

Hello Lovies! How’d you survive the earthquake… and how you dealing with Irene? Hope everyone is safe!  I know it’s been a while, but I’ve been so busy tryna get this college stuff! I moved in on Thursday 🙂 With that being said, I thought I would do the part two to Words of Wisdom: College ... Read More

Words of Wisdom: College Advice – Relationships: God & People

I will be starting my first year of college and I’ve asked people on how their college experience was/ has been. I got some good information so I thought I would share it with you all as I know some of my readers are in the same boat as me.  It’s long because it’s from various ... Read More

Middle Class Need Scholarships Too!

I’ve been working my butt off looking for scholarships. 60% of the time when I see “need-based” I basically just disregard it. My parents make well over the average poverty rate and because of this, I’m not eligible for a lot of scholarships. I don’t think this is fair at all. I found this parent ... Read More

More College Tours

I’ve been accepted into all the schools I applied to, except for Carnegie Mellon which I’m still waiting for. In trying to decide, I went on more college tours. I went and visited Penn State Harrisburg in hopes that it would be better than Penn State Greater Allegheny. The campus was better cause it was ... Read More

Campus Tour #4- Penn State Greater Allegheny

So I got accepted into Penn State (yay). I went for a visit last Monday to check out the campus to see if I can fade it for 2 years. (After two years I move to the Main Campus – University Park) It was a 4.5 hr ride from my part of the world. Although ... Read More