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Professional [Natural] Hair

In light of my post last week, I decided to do a little research as to how exactly I could style both the Heat Free Hair and MY hair. Here’s a list of my favorite that can be done on a range of styles. Enjoy! Let me know if you’ve tried any of these or ... Read More

As professional as it’s going to get [Natural Hair]

So I was considering posting the photo on Instagram below on Tuesday on my way to an on-campus interview. With the caption ” as professional as it’s going to get”. For whatever reason, I decided against it. Maybe because the picture really isn’t  doing the style any justice. This is a topic is something I’ve struggled with ... Read More

Natural Hair Gifts

Stumbled upon this list put together by Essence magazine of Natural hair gift guide and thought some of the items were pretty cool. I wouldn’t mind a few of these actually. 1. Satin Lined Beanies 2. The Finger Comber Unit – Wig that comes in two strand twist, I thought it was kind of weird ... Read More

It’s Almost Wash Day

As much as I vowed not to be a product junkie at the beginning of the semester, here I am with 6 new products to try. In my defense, Two of them were free (samples) and two were only 98 cents a piece sooo that doesn’t count right? Any who something I learned the hard ... Read More
OOTD:  Peplum Lace & Puff

OOTD: Peplum Lace & Puff

This peplum style skirt and blouse made from lace fabrics which typically would have been made into ero and bubba. The night before I blow dried my hair for the first time by myself. I used Curlz and Ecostyler gel. Enjoying the sun <3Big shoulders giving 80s vibes Shoes: Steve Madden  
Silky Locs Updates 2: Maintenance

Silky Locs Updates 2: Maintenance

Recorded July 28, 2012 Part three coming soon - How to take them down Info on witch hazel & tea tree oil witch hazel Tea Tree Jane Carter Scalp Nourishing Serum Review Comment, Rate & Subscribe :-)