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The Key to Moisturized Natural Hair

In the three years I’ve taken my natural hair journey seriously, I don’t think I’ve ever had a conversation where dry hair has not come up. Many naturals cannot figure out why their hair is so dry all the time. When I began my quest for moisturized hair, I stumbled upon this video from Youtuber, ... Read More

Henna on Chemically Dyed Hair

A lot of people use henna as a natural (chemical free) dye. Unfortunately or fortunately for me, my hair is really dark so I do not get even a tint from using (even body quality) henna. Therefore, I get my hair dyed chemically (no bleach) once a year.  Red dye washes out and bleeds easily. ... Read More

Traveling with Natural Hair

How do I pack hair products for five months without weighing down my suitcase? This is the question I pondered since I bought my ticket. At home I put my hair products in three clear plastic drawers, example pictured below. Now clearly, I can not take all that and still have space for clothes, shoes, ... Read More
Heat Free Hair Wig

Heat Free Hair Wig

Since I would be spending 6 months in France and my twist would only last max 2 months I made my For Kinks Heat Free Hair into a wig to wear the last 4 months. “Custom made unit w/ #HeatFreeHair made by me. Client desired for [the] unit to be taken off every night, so we put side combs on ... Read More
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Heat Free Hair For Kinks Final Review [Video]

I did two other mini reviews on the hair regarding detangling the hair and the things I liked about the hair. Head over to the Youtube channel for the full series.  

International Product Junkie

So I went to Dubai with my mom and like the product junkie I am, I picked up a few hair products. I initially was just going to re-up on my Vatika coconut oil since I’d be getting a bigger bottle for less but then I saw they made other products and got just ONE ... Read More

Ain’t No Coiffure Project

A mini series inspired by the coiffure project. My goal was not to imitate the project but just to show my take and spin on the natural hair movement at large. Enjoy!