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Too American for Nigeria, Too Nigerian for America

Too American for Nigeria, Too Nigerian for America

The Plight of the Immigrant-American, written Fall 2015 It wasn’t until my recent trip to Nigerian that I realized just how American I am. Up until studying abroad in spring 2014, solely identified as Nigerian, a delusion that is mostly due to the way I was raised. As a first generation American, my parents wanted to ensure ... Read More

#BringBackOurGirls Stand & Sign in Solidarity

190 girls, 16 days, 0 progress. From what I’ve read, the US and UK are actively searching, but hopefully, each additional signature can fuel a fire: https://petitions.whitehouse.gov/petition/work-un-and-nigerian-government-bring-home-girls-kidnapped-boko-haram/fFcLj7s2   I don’t  really have any words. But this needed to be shared. Now I understand why people say Goodluck Jonathon shouldn’t even dream of a re-election. It would ... Read More

Africa Re:Defined

As part of George Mason’s International Week, the African student association had a culture night that showcased African music, fashion and lifestyle. The view was from a 2nd generation African. I took part in this event playing an ‘African mother’ in two skits. I also took some photos of the event. Here are a few. ... Read More
Natural Hair in Nigeria

Natural Hair in Nigeria

My father isn’t too fond of my natural hair. Just two weeks ago I told him I wanted to wear my hair out ( I had been wearing a wig) and he said yea ok; he continued to tell me that when he was younger he had an afro (with a blowout). I was shocked at the ... Read More

Nigeria Oil Subsidy Restored

I realized I failed to post on the Occupy Nigeria Movement. And honestly its because I didn’t educate my self. When I finally sat down to do research of my own, I realized the protest are over and ever one is back at work so here’s a recap and update. The strike began on 9 ... Read More

Nigeria Celebrates 50- The Good & The Bad

Federal Republic of Nigeria, my home country, celebrates 50 years of Independence today, October 1, 2010! With 50 years of Independence, the country has grown. Some argue it was not grown enough. “How can you celebrate Nigeria at 50 when there is no constant supply of light? How can you celebrate a nation where businesses ... Read More