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My first job Interview

I’ve only really had one job interview – team member at Six Flags America. It was a rainy day and my mom drove me there. I was all dressed up ready to answer tough questions as to why I should work at Six flags America. So I get there and the lady who was supposed ... Read More

2011. No Resolutions

I must admit, I was one for those people who made an elaborate list of new years resolutions. Like many others who made list, I usually forgot or decided my resolutions where too hard before February begins. What I have, however, been doing since 2010 is making a list of PRAYER POINTS and things I’m ... Read More

I’m Back …Yaay!

Miss me? I miss y’all! Thanks for everyone who has been reading this blog, even in my absence, it really means a lot to me. I got all my college applications done but didn’t study as much as I should have for SATs. Hopefully, I still did well though;  I’ll find out on Tuesday. Ok ... Read More


  Be back in December. SATs.ACTs.college applications.scholarships...enough said.

Magazine Hoarder

When I was in 7th grade, there was this fundraiser we did with magazines. Get people to subscribe to magazines at a discounted rate and the school gets a certain percentage. Well, I seized the moment and subscribed to Cosmogirl and Seventeen. Two months later when I got my first issues I was so excited. ... Read More

Coming correct this time

I previously had a blog. I originally was passionate and excited about it, but then I tried to turn it into something it wasn’t….something I was not.  I lost support and interest. This blog is just going to be about me, things I like, enjoy and find interesting. No, I won’t post every day. No, ... Read More