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Infinite ‘To Do’ List

Infinite ‘To Do’ List

About a week ago, I was up searching the web doing research for my hair (hair update coming soon) when I stumbled on this blog, Think & Grow Chick. Her post on natural hair are very helpful so I hung around and read some of her other posts when I found this. This article inspired ... Read More
Prom is Overrated

Prom is Overrated

  On Saturday, May 21, 2011, I went to my senior prom. And as much as I hate to say it, prom is in fact overrated. When people were telling me this I didn’t believe it but now I know. There’s so much emphasis and stress that goes on in prep for prom when prom ... Read More

The Cops Caught Me

I’ve only been in a cop car once. When I was eight years old – yesss I’ve been a rebel from childhood. Ha! Not really but it’s kind of a funny story… It was Saturday morning and like usual, my mom and I were gearing up to go to church for evangelism. I used to ... Read More


So as you may know from my earlier post, my birthday was two weeks ago. I turned 18! And I know this sounds weird but I actually feel older. I started feeling older last week. I don’t know why but I did. My actual birthday day was chill. Went tot school (ugh) then went to ... Read More

Busy Bee

Hello strangers, I know I missed two post-a-weeks =( but I just been sooo busy since mid February. I was in a fashion show so we had practice everyday! Then I just had loads of school work to complte. However things are dying down (a bit) now that the school year is coming to an ... Read More

Birthday Wish List

Since I didn’t do a Christmas wish list, I decided I could do a birthday wish list. My birthday is right around the corner. In 2 weeks I’ll be 18! 1. Shoes . I’ve noticed that I’m in need of more pumps. I need to update my closet cause I only own black heels. Sad ... Read More

Campus Tour #4- Penn State Greater Allegheny

So I got accepted into Penn State (yay). I went for a visit last Monday to check out the campus to see if I can fade it for 2 years. (After two years I move to the Main Campus – University Park) It was a 4.5 hr ride from my part of the world. Although ... Read More


In my computer graphics II class, our teacher made each assignment linked to an art competition. Of course, we get grades but all of our work in entered in a competition. Our first competition was for the Reginald F. Lewis Museum Juried High School Art Show, a Smithsonian affiliate. We had to create a piece ... Read More

Say whaaa?

It’s funny that this is the prompt for today because I was just telling my friends how I need to stop speaking in slang because it’s affecting the way i communicate in American English. I’m from “the DMV” (DC/Maryland/N.VA) and there’s a new slang every two weeks. There’s a slang for every possible word in ... Read More