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As professional as it’s going to get [Natural Hair]

So I was considering posting the photo on Instagram below on Tuesday on my way to an on-campus interview. With the caption ” as professional as it’s going to get”. For whatever reason, I decided against it. Maybe because the picture really isn’t  doing the style any justice. This is a topic is something I’ve struggled with ... Read More

Half Marathon Training Update

Ever since I subtly announcing my registration for the Nike Women’s half marathon I haven’t talked much of it. Mostly because I thought it would end up like the 5k. But I’m glad to say that’s not the case at all and that I’ve made progress! Below are a few photos of the Nike running ... Read More

Birthday Wish List

If you know me, you know how much I love birthdays. Especially mine! It’s like a national holiday! I love giving thoughtful, useful gifts (and receiving them too). So let’s cut to the chase: Running Gear I’ve been training for the Nike Women’s half Marathon. I got new running shoes which I love, the LunarGlide +4. Now all I ... Read More

2012 in review – Thanks

Three years and going! I just want to say thanks to all my followers. I really appreciate every subscriber and especially the comments. I hope to see more comments in 2013. You guys can expect more post esp videos and OOTDs post. Love you guys! Happy new year! 2012 annual report for this blog. Here’s an excerpt: 600 people ... Read More

Christmas 2012 Wish List

Running Gear So I did this crazy thing – I signed up for the Nike Women’s half marathon and thus will be needing a lot of training gear. First and foremost I need new running shoes! Nothing fancy just something that fits, (size 9.5) is comfortable and will get me through April. I’ve been looking ... Read More

project I made for my art class based on new media. Check out the entire blog for topics on new media. Some pretty cool/interesting stuff.

Israel, New Breed, and Sinbad

What an odd combination eh? The church I attend while at Mason, Grace Covenant was celebrating their 30th-anniversary last month. In celebration, the church hosted a concert featuring Israel and New Breed and Sinbad did comedy after (Sinbad is the pastor’s in-law). Naturally, I was there with my camera. I used my Tamron telephoto lens. ... Read More


Hello lovely people I don’t know how many of you registered to be on my team for the SOS walk but if you did, please send me your name (first and last) in an email. There was a glitch on the site and I’m the only one on my roster :'( . Please do so ... Read More