Birthday Wish List

Since I didn’t do a Christmas wish list, I decided I could do a birthday wish list. My birthday is right around the corner. In 2 weeks I’ll be 18!

1. Shoes

.<em>Steve Madden</em> SCANDALL <em>GOLD</em> GLITTER

I’ve noticed that I’m in need of more pumps. I need to update my closet cause I only own black heels. Sad right?  The three colors that I NEED are gold, navy and brown.

Also I NEED some winter boots. Boots that can be worn in the snow. If they are fashionable that’s a plus, not mandatory.

Lastly, I want some Toms. It’s almost spring and I hear they are uber- comfy.

2. Wii Accessories

Wii Fit

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So I’ve had my Wii since 2008 and I can count how many times I’ve used it. It literally started collecting dust at one point! Now I’m trying to revive it. Even though I’m sooo busy. I figured if I use it for more practical things such as working out (which I need to do) then I would be playing more often.  Initially I wanted a Wiifit cause I thought you need it for most exercise games but it turns out you don’t!

Any how, I still want a Wii-fit. I also want the EA Sport Active.

I would Like motion plus and a few games. I’m not really sure what games are good thought. I recently purchased Just Dance 2. And though it’s a good game, It didn’t live up to my expectations.

3. Camera Filters.

I’m trying also to make use of my Sony a550. I don’t really like editing my photos. So filters will be great I can change how each picture looks based on the filter I use. I found some each filters only (about $10 each). So hopefully I can get 3 to start of with. The basics – protective, contrast , lomo.

Well I had a longer list but I can’t remember the rest of it so just gimme some


You can never go wrong with a gift card or cash.

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