Birthday Wish List

If you know me, you know how much I love birthdays. Especially mine! It’s like a national holiday! I love giving thoughtful, useful gifts (and receiving them too). So let’s cut to the chase:

Running Gear

I’ve been training for the Nike Women’s half Marathon. I got new running shoes which I love, the LunarGlide +4. Now all I need is some clothes to workout in. Athletic leggings and cold wear would be a splendid addition for outside runs. I’m also considering investing in an heart rate monitor but not sure if that’s a necessity.

Auxiliary for my car

On my last wish list last year, I asked for CDs for my car. This time around I’m stepping it up. I’ve been planning on installing an auxiliary in my car since last summer but just haven’t gotten to it. As seen here I know this looks mad sketch but I asked the dealership and they said its safe!

Photography Gear

I’ve purchased a new camera (Nikon D7000) since my last wish list so now more than ever I need equipment. I’ve made a handy dandy wish list on Amazon so I can check things off as I go.

Chanel No 5. and/or Delicious by DKNY

en: Chanel No.5 parfume

I love both of these two fragrances. Chanel is for serious/uppity/classy days and events where as the DKNY is more so for everyday use.

As always, cash or an Amazon gift cards are highly encouraged. What’s on your wish list?

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