Capture the memories – Travel Photography [Trip Tip #2]

So you went to Paris and your best photo looks like this


Here are some tips to capture those memories just they way your remembered regardless of your skill level or type of camera (but in my biased opinion you should at least get a point and shoot camera, I know the iPhone is get quality but you get what you pay for…)

  • Turn off the flash
  • Slow down – think about the shot you’re taking. It’s better to have a few good shots than 100s of mediocre or too dark shots (remember to change settings when going from inside a building and outside scenes)
  • If photographing an iconic scene:
    • Find an unusual angle – everyone has seen the “Hollywood” sign from the about from the back? or a low angle?? Don’t be afraid of “looking stupid in from of all these people” after all, you’re never going to see them again.
    • Take a step back – let the viewer enjoy the whole scene rather than being right up on the iconic building/ statue etc. You might even consider incorporating surrounding elements to provide context
    • Shot at dusk – When the sun is setting (or just rising) is just about the best time to shoot. Playing with lighting is 50% of the fun in photography. At dusk, the light is “just right” not too dark, not too light. Just Google “the magic hour photography”
    • Incorporate people – after all, you are sort of invading their space already right? Including people allows who ever is viewing the photo to relate to what they are looking at.
  • If using a DSLR – get a wide angle lens. A 24-70mm or 24-105mm. This focal range covers all your bases whether you need to capture a wide building or a rare flower. f2.8 will allow you to still shoot in low light settings.

Some shots that follow this rule (though they may not be the BEST photographs)

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