21st @ Barceloneta

I spent my 21st birthday on the beach sipping traditional Cava Rose from a hole in the wall joint in Spain. I literally could not have imaged this is how I would spend it but I so happy it did.

Let me rewind. A fellow Mason Patriot is studying abroad in Grenda, Spain. When I told her about my travels she, decided to make the journey up and spend my birthday with me. And it was great being able to spend it with a familiar face (plus a few other American friends came but that’s another story). Being the Spanish expert that she’s become by studying abroad, we set out on a trip to find this cava place, La Xampaneria/Can Paixano. It was so packed in there, I couldn’t take my camera out for pictures (plus I didn’t want to be a target, it’s a very local place. After getting our three bottles of cava, we stuck around a bit and Megan got to practice understanding Catalonia. To be honest, I wasn’t really feeling having no personal space next to a bunch of old Spanish men so we headed to the beach. There Mercedes (Howard friend) joined us and we drank and watched the sunset.

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