B is for Bruxelles #DuffleBaggingEurope

Riding the collective taxi from South Charleroi airport to our hostel hotel, the first thing I thought upon arriving in Brussels is “this looks like the industrial revolution.”


Not surprisingly, Brussels is, in fact, an industrial city.

The Grand Place was kinda… underwhelming. Yes, it was cool but it just looked like any other castle. I’ll admit, there was a lot of gold detailing which were nice and photo worthy (on my DSLR). The other most popular attraction the Manneken Pis wasn’t that grand either. But I knew it wouldn’t be. So that wasn’t too much of a disappointment. The Atomium (and waffles) made up for it.


Grand Place



Once again we didn’t get to go to all the attractions I planned so I’m actually pretty sad about that. But then again we only had one day.

As a tourist, Brussels is blah. But I could definitely see myself living there. The people are nice(r) and they speak three different just about every language.

The official languages are Dutch, French and German. And according to a local, English is an unofficial language. She also mentioned that it’s not strange to find people speaking Spanish and Portuguese as well. It was pretty cool to see all the street signs and such in two languages (Dutch & French). It had me wondering if there’s going to be a day when all the signs in the States will be in Spanish and English.



The hostel was AMAZING. I wished we stayed longer in Brussels just for the hostel haha. It was meant for people like us. “For the urban artist,” and overall just good vibes. It’s actually a hotel but for just 15€ a night, I could dig it. The building used to be a brewery and was recently renovated so it had that “new building smell” and cleanliness. It’s a chain so they are in major cities apparently. So next time I’m “DuffleBaggingEurope” I’ll check one of them out.

Not sure when but I most definitely have to return to Brussels sometime in my life. I’ll include Bruges in my trip too.

Porchain arret: Amsterdam, Netherlands.


Peace & Love

Till next time,


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My first RyanAir flight


Finessing my way through the RyanAir bag size limit.


Always time for a selfie


Chi-chi’s TexMex Resturant


Would it be sad if I said this is the best meal I’ve had in Europe? Okay one of the best


Got these basic cute combat boots for 10€


There’s really cool art at the metro stations.



Not a huge fan of beer but I guess when in Beligum right? They had strawberry and cranberry flavored beer that was pretty good. I hear they taste like strawberitas.



The weather was quite warm except for when it was windy. They have cute mini windmills along the street & on the country side they had actual energy wind mills.

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